Prepare to be click-ready anytime, anywhere after attending this smartphone photography workshop! Become an expert with your mobile camera and capture everything that catches your eye expertly.

It’s often said that the best camera is the one you always have with you, and in this age of revolutionary technology, that camera is likely to be your smartphone. Recent innovations in sensors, lenses, image stabilisation, and screen size, as well as an explosion of new creative apps, have made smartphones and tablets serious players in the field of photography. This workshop is led by a seasoned professional photographer and is designed for amateurs who are interested in exploring the creative side of smartphone photography. Whatever your interest – portraits, landscapes, food, interiors, self-portraits, friends and family, street photography, travel and holiday photography – we’ll show you how it’s done using just your phone.


Each session begins with an icebreaker where the mentor interacts with the participants and discusses the scope of the workshop and what they can expect from it. Not only will you learn photo tips from a pro, but you’ll put your newly acquired creative skills to work during the class.

  1. Using smartphone cameras for still and video photography
  2. Using apps for better pictures
  3. Filters using apps
  4. Tips and tricks
  5. Feedback & suggestions

Please Note:

  1. This outline is only indicative and the order in which the subjects are covered vary from one workshop to another depending on various factors.
  2. The workshop is not meant for a specific camera(s) but is a generic one and camera agnostic.
  3. Please ensure that you are familiar with the camera in your phone before attending the workshop.
  4. This is a workshop about smartphone photography only and does not teach you about using other features of your smartphone

Who can attend this Workshop?

This Workshop is for:  iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphone users and even Point-and-Shoot camera users.

What should I carry for the Workshop?

Just about any phone or tablet with a camera, and the ability to run apps on it, will do

Why should I attend this Workshop?

Smartphones have become our everyday companions, relied upon more and more for capturing and sharing moments in our lives through photography. Why not learn to master them? There is no Age limit/ No Qualifications needed / No Pre-requisite except your passion and interest!

What if I am unable to attend the Workshop on the day I have booked for?

No worries! We will accommodate you in subsequent Workshops and keep you informed of the dates. We do not make any refunds


“Amazing experience. It will help me a lot to take my passion of photography to the next level. Thank you!”
– Sunny Shrivastava

“I understood a different side of photography and with practical lessons the learning became more interesting. An awesome mentor and a very hospitable staff. Cheers!!”
– Mohit Malik

“Could learn a lot of aspects of photography and about cameras. Very informative session, full of enthusiasm. The macro session was very good.”
– Shubhamangala S

“Just amazing… I started looking at things through the camera’s eye!!”
– P. Ravi

“Good exposure to the basics of photography had a wonderful session.”
– Sanghamitra

“Excellent session. I am going back after learning a lot and useful information. Thank you so much for making my Saturday really wonderful”
– Abhishek Jain

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Date: On Request

Duration: 1 day

Venue: PhotoIndia Base

Fees: Rs. 3,000/-

Payment: Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking or Online Bank Transfer (NEFT)  or Cash Deposit. Fees must be paid in advance. Details will be provided upon registering for the Workshop.

Who Should Attend: Smartphone users and even Point-and-Shoot camera users