Lights, Camera, Action!

Most of us, at some point in our life, have entertained the thought of making our own film. Deep in our hearts, we all have a story to tell! In the past, the business of film-making used to be an expensive proposition, the resources required made it virtually impossible for ordinary mortals like us to indulge in this luxury.

With DSLRs and Smartphones becoming HD capable, the barriers have vanished. Anyone with a story to tell, can make a movie today. You do not need tons of equipment, your smartphone is capable of doing the job and if you have one of the recent entry level DSLR, you do not need anything more. It  is virtually possible, for a feature film to be made with equipment carried in only a backpack!

We at PhotoIndia are passionate about story telling and have worked for over ten years to figure out affordable ways of doing it. This workshop will help you understand the nuances of film-making on a budget and equip you with various innovative ideas to make your footage good enough for broadcast or being screened in a cinema hall. Our instructors will share hands-on experience and tips, which will help you in improving the quality of your production at an affordable cost.

Some Of Our Videos:

Bangalore’s City Market – We Capture The Soul Of This Lifeline Of Our Metropolis

Five Star Chicken – Musical Video

Red Weaver Ants – Wildlife in Our Own Backyard

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Our Approach To Film Making

We believe it is all about telling a story; everything else is secondary. Film-Making is not about cameras and gizmos. What we are here to preach and practice is, ‘How to tell your story in an interesting manner— without making a hole in your pocket or running into debt!’


  1. Traditional Film making and it’s impossibilities for ordinary mortals!
  2. Why Film making with DSLRs, GoPros and Smart Phone Cameras?
  3. Importance of script writing and screen play.
  4. Limitations of these cameras.

Stages in Film-Making:

  1. Pre-Production : Idea, Concept, Story Board and Script
  2. Production : Actual Shooting Logistics Required (Actors/Talent, Locations, Costumes)
  3. Post-Production: Editing is where the magic of film-making comes into play. This session deals with the techniques of basic editing.Participants will be introduced to edit clips using Adobe Premiere CS6.

Understanding Cameras, Angles and Compositional Considerations:

  1. What is resolution? Why does Resolution Matter?
  2. Selecting resolution according to which platform the films will be distributed on.
  3. What is frame rate? Difference between low fps and high fps. What is cinema fps?
  4. Camera Angles Camera Movements and Lens Selection
  5. What is ‘the Film Look’ and how to achieve that?
  6. Shallow Depth of Field – Key to Cinema Look, focus pulling etc.
  7. Aesthetics and Compositional Considerations
  8. Camera Movement on a budget – using Dollies and making them yourself.

Understanding Light & Light on a budget!

  1. The revolution in low light filming with DSLRs
  2. The fundamental strength of DSLRs is their ability to shoot in low light.
  3. We will show you how to shoot with a minimalistic set up of lights.
  4. Ambient Light
  5. Artificial Light
  6. High Key Lighting
  7. Low Key Lighting
  8. Point Lighting
  9. Quality of Light, Hard Light and Soft Light

Understanding Audio and Audio on a budget!

“Too often filmmakers focus all of their attention on video footage and ignore the quality of their sound. Interestingly enough, audiences seem to be more annoyed by poor sound quality, than by poor cinematography.”

  1. Audio Formats
  2. Mono Sound vs Stereo Sound
  3. Types of Microphones
    • Dynamic Microphones
    • Condenser Microphones
    • Lapel Microphones
  4. Connectors – Different TypesUsing a H4N sound mixer
    • XLR
    • TRS
    • RCS
  5. Using Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone System

 Post Production work Flow:

  1. Understanding video Formats and Codecs
  2. Assembling of clips to create a story
  3. Effects and Transitions
  4. Adding audio into the sequence to create desired effect
  5. Export settings for the web

Magic Lantern, DSLR Controller and other aids to Budget Film Making

Please Note:

  1. This outline is only indicative and the order in which the subjects are covered could vary from one workshop to another depending on various factors.
  2. The workshop is not meant for specific camera(s) but is a generic one and camera agnostic.
  3. If minimum number of seats are not filled, the workshop will be rescheduled/cancelled and a full refund will be given.

Who can attend this Workshop?

People who are looking for training in film making using professional equipment or those looking to sharpen their skills. Amateurs who are interested in venturing into the world of videos. No Age limit/ No Qualifications / No Pre-requisite except your passion and interest!

What should I carry for the Workshop?

All you need to bring along are:

– Your DSLR camera and equipment

– Your imagination!

Please note: In case you don’t have a DSLR camera, we could lend you one in our studio.

What if I am unable to attend the Workshop on the day I have booked for?

Don’t worry! We will accommodate you in subsequent Workshops and keep you informed of the dates. We do not make any refunds


” Great Workshop on the fundamentals of DSLR video. Would’ve taken me a long time to figure these out myself. Glad to have attended this.”
– Arun Bhat, Founder of Darter Photography

” It was a great experience, I learnt a lot about basic film making. A lot to learn in the future. Thanks a lot again. ”
– Puskhar

” It was a pleasure meeting you all and learning practical things about filmmaking that no classroom can teach. I liked the informality of the workshop and the fact that the team was a friendly and helpful one. ”
Vinita A Shetty, Journalist

” Attended the “Film Making with DSLR” workshop and found it very good and effective, the bast part was Mr. Manu Bahuguna helped with all stuff like lightning, focus issues, audio and equipment’s. Also, he was open to questions and covered most aspects like documentaries, wedding teasers, interviews etc. ”
– Umesh Yadav

“Awesome experience as a beginner! Learned a lot in this short span. Thanks a lot!”
– Basil George, J P Morgan

“Thanks for the informative workshop. Liked the way it was conducted. Could ask anything I wanted & a very interesting group.”
– Satish Iyer

“I got the basic knowledge about the camera. How it works. Rules to handle the camera, like DSLR’s. I want to come again.”
– Suresh

“Workshop helped to know bit more practical aspects about filmmaking. I would like to be a part of any project so that I will get a practical experience.”
– Dhaneesh

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Dates: T.B.A

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Duration: 2 days workshop

Venue: PhotoIndia Studio/Outdoor Location

Fees: Rs. 6,500 /- (Inclusive of Lunch on both days)

Payment: Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking or Online Bank Transfer (NEFT)  or Cash Deposit. Fees must be paid in advance. Details will be provided upon registering for the Workshop.

Who Should Attend: People who are looking for training in film making using professional equipment or those looking to sharpen their skills.