Some of our Clients

Who We Are

Dedicated to excellence in photography and film making, is a full service photo-agency designed to meet all your visual communication needs across India. We offer a network of established photographers from all over India and especially in Bangalore, specializing in various genres of photography and film making. We work on assignments from conception to completion, and deliver top quality on time and within your budget. On a turnkey project, we often look after the entire production- which may include location scouting, model-coordination, makeup & styling and the entire logistics of a shoot. provides advertisers, editors, publishers, and marketers with a single source for all their visual needs, not just images, but the services that make it easy to source, locate, and license images- all under one roof.

We also offer a network of more than 150 photographers across the country, covering all styles and aspects of photography. Our photographers, with years of experience, are amongst the best in India. Photographs from our library have been published in leading dailies and publications across the country. We have also catered extensively to leading international publications. Our clients span from small non-profit organisations to leading international and Indian publications and Fortune 500 corporations.

We believe that knowledge needs to be shared and therefore, a few years ago we began offering photography workshops and mentor-ship programs on subjects ranging from the basics of photography and film making to more advanced techniques. Our workshops give you an opportunity to learn skills from seasoned professionals in an intimate, one-on-one setting. was founded in 1999 by Manu Bahuguna, a former IAF pilot and a national-level Polo player.

Our Specialty

Being first generation entrepreneurs ourselves, we love others of our like! Some of the companies that we have worked with since their inception are – Adnear, Ezetap, Zovi and Myntra just to a name a few. We like the adrenaline rush of working with start-ups. If you are one, please give us a call any time and we would love to be a part of your success story!

Our Services

We are ready to shoot anywhere and at anytime. Our team is friendly, professional and works tirelessly for you to get the right image or footage, whatever it may take! Above all, we understand photo usage across various media platforms- ranging from high-resolution CMYK pictures for print, to highly optimized web graphics for accelerating the loading time of web pages. We create visually compelling content for publishers, advertising agencies, design bureaus, manufacturing units, non-profit organisations, the hospitality industry and a host of other private and government organizations. We love undertaking projects dealing with –

  1. Photography for e-commerce
  2. Corporate Photography
  3. Interiors and Architectural Photography
  4. Hotels and Restaurant Photography
  5. Industrial Photography
  6. Product Photography
  7. Photo Research
  8. Corporate Films
  9. YouTube Videos
  10. Editorial Photography for Magazines and Newspapers
  11. Photography Training’s Solutions for E-Commerce

Convincing pictures and great presentation are critical to the success of your e-commerce venture. Great imagery plays one of the most important roles in decision making and gives you the competitive edge you need on the internet space to stand heads and shoulders above the competition. At, we have fine-tuned the art of photography to suit the needs of e-commerce. Over the years, we have provided images to a number of e-commerce websites and helped other traditional businesses in their transition to the digital era. Some of our services for e-commerce businesses include:

  1. Photography for your look-books. These are the pictures that help in branding your business and may often involve models and different locations.
  2. Photography of SKUs for shopping carts
  3. 360° Object Virtual Reality
  4. Digital optimization of graphics for the web
  5. Uploading and maintenance of shopping carts
  6. Studio provisioning
  7. Model coordination and sourcing
  8. Makeup & styling
  9. Location scouting
  10. Other logistics involved with a shoot